Terms And Conditions

Terms of service is referred to as terms of use and conditions, normally abbreviated as TOS or ToS and ToU) are the mix of rules by that one should comply with abiding so as to use a service. Terms of service also can be simply a disclaimer, particularly concerning the employment of internet sites.

Terms And Conditions


Please browse these fastidiously because the person creating this booking (either for him selves or for the other passenger) accepts all the below terms and conditions of World Travel and tours.


Unless such, All the deposits paid and tickets purchased/issued are non-refundable just in case of cancellation or no show (Failure to make departure aerodrome on time) and non-changeable before or once departure (date amendment isn't permitted). Once flights reserved, bookings/tickets are non-transferable to the other person implies that name changes don't seem to be permissible. Issued Tickets also are not re-routable. If you're reserving the flight by creating the advance partial payment (Initial deposit) then please note that free/taxes could increase at any time while not the previous notice. It means that the value isn't warranted unless a price ticket is issued as a result of airline/consolidator has the proper to extend the value thanks to any reason. There in case, we'll not be liable and a rider must pay the fare/tax distinction. we have a tendency to invariably suggest you pay ASAP and find issue your price ticket to avoid this case. Moreover, if you may cancel your reservation thanks to any reason, then the paid deposit(s) won't be refunded.


It is your responsibility to ascertain all the small print are correct i.e. rider names (are same as showing on passport/travel docs), move dates, Transit Time, Origin & Destination, Stop Over, Baggage Allowance and alternative flight info. Once the price ticket is issued then no changes are often created.


You are chargeable for checking of these things like Passport, Visa (including Transit Visa) and alternative immigration needs. You want to consult the relevant Embassy / diplomatic building, well before the time of departure for the up to this point info as needs could amendment time to time. We regret, we are able to settle for any liability of any transit visa and if you're refused the entry onto the flight or into any country thanks to failure on your half to hold the right passport, visa or alternative documents needed by any airline, authority or country.


It is your responsibility to confirm your flights a minimum of seventy-two hours before your time of departure either together with your broker or the relevant Airline directly. the corporate won't be to blame for any extra prices thanks to your failure to confirm your flights.


We suggest that you simply purchase travel insurance. it's your responsibility to make sure you have got valid travel insurance that covers your wants and conjointly make sure that you have got complied with all the health and vaccination needs for the countries you move recommendation are often obtained from your doctor or travel clinic. we do not settle for any claim for the lost /taken/broken Baggage. you have got to contact the relevant airline directly therein case.


If you have got any special requests like meal preference, Seat Allocation and chair request etc, please advise the U.K. at the time of issuing of the price ticket. we'll strive our greatest to fulfil these by passing this request to the relevant airline however we have a tendency to cannot guarantee and failure to fulfil any special request won't hold the U.K. to blame for any claim.


World Travel and Tours doesn't settle for responsibility for any loss if the airline fails to control. Passengers are going to be exclusively chargeable for that thus it's extremely counseled that separate travel insurance should be organized to shield yourself.

Booking Terms and Conditions in Details

When creating a purchase/reservation you guarantee that you simply have the authority to just accept and do accept on behalf of your party/dependant the terms of those booking conditions and also the booking conditions of any contract principal wherever we have a tendency to are acting as agent. Therefore, it's requested please take your time to travel through the terms and conditions as declared here and applicable to all or any contracts/purchase with the U.K. These conditions apply to all or any bookings - please take the time to browse and perceive them OR contact our personnel to debate or answer your queries. The conditions are split into three elements.

All Bookings

1. Reservations

Reservation is followed by a supportive email from authority to the soul (provided that the right email address is given in time). The supportive email contains elaborated soul data, schedule, payment, company contact, and terms & conditions.

Flight Reservation/schedule and details need to be confirmed/replied by each party in written (where applicable) among twenty-four (regular) to forty-eight hours (exceptional case) of reservation.

For reservations remodeled the net, full payment is often needed at the time of reservation unless specifically explicit within the booking method.

In cases wherever full payment isn't created at the time of purchase, THE stripped-down DEPOSIT collectible IS fifty GBP. The initial deposit is non-refundable and is needed among twenty-four hours of reservation to make sure Travel practice services and maintain seat Reservation.

Tickets are solely issued once united, replied or confirmed by the soul. Tickets which are Issued e non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable (unless specified).

E-Tickets (Electronic Tickets) are issued and sent via email once full payment is formed before point/price ticket closing date/expiration and when schedule/itinerary is confirmed by a soul in written and any/all document (in case of third party card) is provided.

In cases, wherever no email address is provided, the soul might visit the workplace nose to nose to gather tickets or request tickets in the post (mailing/post might take less/more than seventy-two operating hours).

The supportive email sent when telecommunication / online reservation and payment is "not a proposal" and signifies that the customer and also the vendor "are in the contract" as explicit within the email, at details and value as provided and united between each party. However, a soul might request corrections (if any) in response to the e-mail ASAP / same day.

When the initial deposit, the soul will continue creating half payments weekly / monthly or create the total remaining payment at the given date / before point.

All or any decision could also be recorded for quality functions. Client feedbacks, survey data or communication can also be used for promoting, public data or wherever needed. However, client personal data/payment details are solely mentioned with the client him/herself (if adult or guardian).

just in case of technical errors in online reservation, considering that to be systematic in nature, no contract can exist between you and the company. Whereas just in case of Phonetic errors, the Verification Officer might utilize all sources and take a call within the best interest of the soul and also the organization.

The corporate might need/demand all third-party card verification documents wherever any soul encompasses a completely different name than that given on the cardboard, or wherever a devotee/company or family is creating a payment for or on behalf of a soul. The third party card documents are strictly needed for your money security and to guard our customers against misuse of lost/stolen cards through online / phone reservations. Any third party employing a card on the completely different name is needed to abide by the third party terms and conditions as communicated through the involved agent/authority which is available at the time of reservation/payment/use of the third-party card. A soul UN agency fails to produce all third-party card documents/bank verifications timely are going to be charged with cancellation OR tickets won't be issued if the company's verification Officer isn't happy with the documents/proof provided.

The deposit is subtracted from the entire price ticket value i.e. the primary Deposit is additionally a district of payment towards total price ticket value. Upon payment, the flight schedule and worth as applicable/available on the date of full payment/confirmation is resent/communicated to the soul for reconfirmation/difference payment previous price ticket issuing.

For normal or Deposit reservations, if at the time of price ticket issuing the airline schedule is changed/revised or if the airline isn't any additional available/operating, or enclose if any currency fluctuation, tax or fare distinction has occurred throughout the course or applicable, the soul are going to be notified. In such cases, (if required) alternate flight choices also will be offered and payment is often adjusted in new flights at fare/cost distinction as applicable and collectible by the soul. Fares, Taxes or any charges could also be revised by airline or administration at any instance unless the tickets are confirmed in writing, documents provided, totally purchased and issued the same day.

just in case these days payments, half payments, deposit reservations, late schedule confirmations, late third-party card document submission, airline reversal, fare/tax revision etc. the supply of fares is inductive and confirmed on full payment, at the same day of price ticket issuing.

Cancellation is going to be charged if modification factors are external (other than the company itself) or if the Flights are off by soul her/himself on discretion or different reasons. The cancellation charges before price ticket issuing are those as explicit in company policy, whereas cancellation charged when price ticket issuing is as explicit in airline policy (For the precise quantity of cancellation please contact your involved agent/consultant). Also note that Reservations also can be entirely non-refundable just in case of the most economy or special promotional fares looking on individual airline policy and destination, please recheck before applying cancellation.

The balance of your reservation ought to be paid before the given point/price ticket expiration date. Please note we have a tendency to don't send reminders. If the balance isn't paid by this date we have a tendency to reserve the correct to cancel your reservation, retain your deposit, and apply the cancellation charges started within the section vi.

All Flight schedules/departures/ comebacks/accommodation sign on / etc must always be reconfirmed all onward and return reservations with the relevant airline/supplier a minimum of seventy-two hours before departure.

For matters regarding flight services, airports, discontentment with carrier/accommodation, flight delays, in-flight services, aboard operations, flight cancellations, airline suspension, in-flight food/amusement, etc Airlines/hotels are directly responsible/accountable and may be contacted directly for immediate drawback resolution / claim or complain. The company isn't accountable for Accommodation/hotel or Airline's services, policy, operations or standards

Matters associated with Visa, Transit, Passport or Travel Document should be checked with the involved diplomatic building/embassy previous travel/reservation. The company doesn't bear any responsibility for providing, helping or advising valid travel documents/transit/ visa or applicable passport for entry clearance.

2. Kinds of Reservation

All clauses, terms, and conditions as explicit during this document apply on any or all types or purchase created through or the kind US.

Flight reservation

On-line Flight reservations, telecommunication Flight reservation, In-person Flight reservations or reservation on email are all pleased and provided by the US.

Technique flight tickets, come back flight tickets, cluster reservation, economy or business category flight reservations are reserved with UK.

Flights going from any field, kingdom or outside kingdom or worldwide are often engaged from the US, in currency and rate as applicable in the kingdom as on date of ultimate payment and issuing.

3. Modes of payment

We offer convenient and speedy modes of payment for timely reservation and ticketing. Also, our money security Policy is specially designed to make sure a secure and trustworthy on-line payment and confirmation system.

Payments with card

Using a card is that the most typically used mode of payment in online and telecommunication reservations.

Debit Card

We have a tendency to settle for Debit and Master Cards.

MasterCard / securities market CARD / different CARDS

Credit Cards are acceptable as a variety of payment.

We have a tendency to settle for Visa, MasterCard, JCB, yank specific and Diners Club.

Third party documentation policy applies wherever the cardboard holder name is completely different than the soul.

Online Payment

One might create payment through online transfer or deposit in the bank. Ita's the fastest mode of payment for same day/pressing reservations. However, we have a tendency to don't settle for money payments through communication mail.

4. Payment verification security

a. Who are we?

we have a tendency to are retail agents for AN ATOL & IATA registered organization. The air holidays in our leaflet are ATOL protected as we have a tendency to act as agent for commissioned tour operators by the Civil Aviation Authority. Within the unlikely event of our financial condition, the CAA can make sure that you're not stranded abroad and can attempt to refund Any cash you've got paid to the U.K for an advance booking. For more data, visit the ATOL web site at WWW.atol.org.uk. Schedule Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) is going to be added to your invoice if scheduled airline flights are engaged. For full details of the money protection in situ for your booking, please enquire at the time of constructing a booking.

however are you secure?

For optimum money security of our customers, we've devised a foolproof and check system. during this system, once the reservation is completed over the phone and also the supportive email containing all flight details is sent to the soul, the soul is knowledge of the entire value of purchase / charged quantity and requested to verify constant with her/his bank so as for the U,.K to ensure transparency and exactitude.

Traveler/buyer could also be needed to produce secondary confirmation of total group action quantity as showing on her/his statement or the authorization code of group action. this will either be obtained through on-line statement check or creating a decision to the individual bank.

The precise quantity (not a spherical figure however in pounds and few pence) should match with our records. In cases wherever the payment as explicit on traveler's statement doesn't match with the accounts records in our company, tickets can't be issued (compliancy check failure).

Once the traveler/buyer confirms the entire quantity in precise figures (pounds & pence) and only if the payment confirmed matched 100% with the corporate records/accounts, tickets are issued right away.

c. Third party card payments needs & obligations

If the cardboard is during a name aside from the soul her/him self, we'll need a hand written authorization letter from the cardboard holder (fax or scan), a colored photocopy (fax/scan) of each side of the cardboard itself, before any tickets are often discharged. Also, a photo Id. like passport 1st page (scan/fax) or license are going to be needed for each the cardboard holder and also the soul.

In cases wherever the cardboard holder/soul doesn't need to produce any or all of the higher than documents s/he might switch the mode of payment like money payment/bank transfer wherever no picture I.D. or documents are needed.

One might visit our workplace with all documents and just in case wherever s/he doesn't need to fax/mail the third party card documents.

In case, if satisfactory documents aren't provided, our verification officer reserves the correct to terminate reservation with or while not cancellation charges applied.

The Payment verification and money security procedure as explicit in SECTION five.0 is applicable all told cases.

5. Changes & cancellations policy

The following Changes and Cancellation policy apply on all flight are different services with no regards to mode of payment or mode of reservation.

Changes in Reservation

If, when a confirmation email/invoice has been issued, you would like to vary Flight reservation, we'll do our utmost to help you, but ninety-eight suppliers notably airlines, don't enable changes and tickets are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-CHANGEABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Any modification to AN itinerary before receipt of your payment is going to be treated as UN change. Looking on the number of labor concerned, every modification/amendment can incur a charge which is able to not exceed &pund;50 per person additionally to to any extent further prices or charges that we have a tendency to incur from our suppliers in creating the alteration considering that the airline/supplier rules/policy permits the requested change. If full payment has already been received amendments might not be permissible within the airline policy, below these circumstances, amendments are often treated as cancellations and also the cancellation charges elaborated below can apply. However, typically cancellations are entirely non-refundable (unless specified). Please note that the majority suppliers, above all airlines, don't enable a reputation modification/date modification or any changes and will contemplate this as a cancellation with a 100% cancellation charge (where price ticket isn't utilized as originally issued).

Reservations are entirely non-changeable, non-transferable and non-refundable, unless such that. However; Changes before price ticket issuing are regulated each in accordance with airline policy and company policy {and should and will and might} be mentioned with the involved agent as rules may vary looking on carrier/supplier. Changes can't be secured and can rely upon the accessibility of seats/fares and categories. Also, Changes incur value variations/penalty.

Once a modification is requested by the soul, any previous/existing reservation and fares are dissolved to create changes and thus, if a soul chooses to retreat, it's uphill to supply constant previous fare once more, or older/previous reservation or seats on antecedently given/reserved date. Hence, in this case, any fare distinction, charges or penalty can apply consequently to come back to the reservation on the original information. In cases wherever the distinction isn't paid or united by the traveler; nevertheless the modification has been ordered, the reservation is going to be treated as a cancellation by the soul (Refer "changes when price ticket/voucher issuance") and cancellation charges are going to be payable/deducted.

Name modification before Voucher issuing

Please note as airlines strictly don't allow name changes at any stage, if you need a reputation modification previous price ticket issuance; it is often done solely through re-booking of seats. As we have a tendency to are the vendor of special and promotional fares obtainable for brief length and few seats solely, it's doable that upon rebooking (for name change) the same fare, same dates or costs aren't obtainable. Below these circumstances, any fare are going to be collectible by the soul. Fares are perpetually dynamic and principally rising, so any fare/tax distinction as applicable on the date of name modification/rebooking are going to be charged consequently and collectible by the soul. However, if the distinction isn't accepted or paid, the reservation is going to be subjected to rules as explicit in the section headed "cancellation by traveler".

Date / Schedule modification Before Ticket Issuing

The date/schedule modification needs to book the most affordable obtainable or nearest obtainable fare or any obtainable fare on the new/amended date. However, there might not be constant or low-cost fare obtainable on a brand new date or any date aside from that reserved at the start for the asking. Also, fares are revised every twenty-four hours and also the airline might revise fares / or raise fares at any instance. Below these conditions, fare distinction additionally to any date modification penalty as applicable on new/changed date is going to be collectible by the soul. However, if the soul refuses to proceed with the date modification when the modification is ordered by her/him, the terms as explicit in the section headed "cancellation by traveler" can apply.

Cancellations by airline

An individual is requested to produce applicable documents/letters from the airline, wherever the airline cancels its flights before departure / come back. The individual ought to conjointly give price tag scan/copy or the other proof as requested by the involved agent/authority.

'Airline will cancellation' can solely be applied for refund among forty-eight days to seven days amount so as for the agent to file refund case. Refund claims later than the given amount or proof provided later than the given deadlines won't be diverted.

just in case of airline cancellation, the airline could give alternate flight choices OR full / half refund (depending on conditions /route/standing of the ticket). It’s up to the individual to just accept or decline airline provide or opt for refund/ alternate choices. The individual should contact the airline directly in these cases.

Once the tickets square measure issued, the overall price is paid to the airline and so the refund, standing of refund, time/date of refund, quantity of refund, or any money matters, claims or complaints square measure to be directly sorted out with the airline. The agency isn't liable or has any influence direct or indirect on the airline providing or operations and bears no responsibility of airline actions. just in case of cancellation by airlines (changes that result in refund process approved by airline) shall entitle the rider to the complete refund of all such funds that the airlines payback to U.K.. This figure could disagree from the first payment created at the start at the time of booking. price tag provision and refund application square measure 2 separate activities and will be charged individually. just in case the airline authorizes a full refund, there'll still be charges applicable by U.K. which is able to be pre-notified before applying for such refunds. However, we offer support, services and help in applying refunds, deed alternate choices and in drawback determination.

Our agents can/should be contacted for the guideline, support or recommendation wherever the airline has off the flights or isn't operational

For correct or immediate info on flight standing, refund standing, airline operations, schedules and airline refund, travelers/buyers square measure suggested ascertaining direct contact with the airline head workplace, nearest workplace or regulative authorities. The agency doesn't management scenario, impact policy or is to blame for airline operations/actions once the tickets square measure issued. Hence, when purchase, airline/accommodation become the first supply of data and every one terms, liabilities and policies of the declared apply.


1. Your holiday/ package / building contracts (any/all services)

vacation could be a reservation wherever hotel/accommodation, in addition as flights, are set-aside or the other services throughout a vacation journey.

It ought to be noted that the conditions vary slightly betting on whether or not you're booking a "package" or "other vacation arrangements".

Please note that totally different terms and conditions might apply between you and any of the airlines, hotels, tour operators concerned in providing your travel arrangements. These terms and conditions will be no heritable from our agents and can be provided to you on booking. Please note we have a tendency to are neither responsible nor responsible for services, policies, standards or operations of accommodations, tour operators or airline. However, help and support are going to be provided wherever or once needed in finishing your reservation procedure.

By creating this booking you agree that we have a tendency to might pass any data you offer on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements like airlines, hotels, transport corporations etc. the data may additionally be provided to security or credit checking corporations, public authorities like customs/immigration if needed by them.

in addition, wherever your vacation is outside the ECU Economic space (EEA), you ought to note that controls on knowledge protection in your destination might not be as sturdy because of the legal necessities during this country. A contract can exist as before long as payment has been accepted and a confirmation invoice has been issued. These booking conditions type a part of your contract with the U.K.

This contract and any matters arising from it are ruled by English Law and that we each conform to pass through the jurisdiction of English people courts. You may, however, opt for the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you would like.

wherever the vendor is acting because the agent for the Tour Operator you ought to check with the booking conditions contained within the Tour Operators booklet. A duplicate of those will be provided to you at the time of booking.

2. If we alter or cancel your vacation (packages only)

it's unlikely that we'll build any amendments or changes to your travel booking once it's been confirmed. However, as a result of travel arrangements are typically created several months beforehand and since we've got no management over a number of the merchandise featured during this booklet changes and cancellations might sometimes be necessary. We have a tendency to reserve the correct to create changes or cancel your travel arrangements in any circumstances and at any time (Notification are going to be given). An amendment could also be "major" or "minor". a significant amendment would be thought-about to be a amendment in accommodation to a lower normal, or to a special resort, or the cancellation of a tour, a rescheduling of your flight point by quite twelve hours, or a amendment of your outgoing flying field (excluding a amendment between Heathrow or Gatwick or associate degree flying field that is additional convenient to you). we have a tendency to reserve the correct to create a minor amendment and that we can tell you as before long as attainable. If there's a significant amendment to your travel arrangements we'll inform you as before long as in all fairness attainable. You may have an alternative of either:

Exceptive the amendment of your package,

Exceptive a proposal of a comparable package (paying the distinction if the choice is additional expensive)

Or canceling the package and receiving a full refund.

Please note that some tours need a minimum range of bookings to work. Within the unlikely event that a tour is off thanks to low bookings, you may be told as before long as is sensible. If we have a tendency to be unable to supply you with a major component of the package once you have got departed we'll build different arrangements for you at no additional charge. Package bookings are not off but eight weeks before departure unless in cases of "Force Majeure" or failure to pay your balance on the desired date. this implies that we'll not have to be compelled to pay compensation if we've got to cancel or amendment your travel arrangements in any method as a result of war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather, unforeseen operational selections of airliners like changes of schedule, or different unforeseen or ineluctable circumstances on the fare side our management. If the cancellation has not been caused by major or low bookings we'll pay you compensation as embarked on below: (Period before departure at intervals that a significant amendment is notified to you); followed by: Compensation per person: quite fifty six days - Nil; 55-29 days- '10; twenty eight days or less - '20.

3. Our liability (packages only)

we have a tendency to settle for responsibility to supply you with all obtainable or requested data on vacation package, accommodation or airline normal (you are suggested to examine flight/hotel reviews online for satisfaction or flight/hotel direct web site for a pictorial overview). You'll be able to build your choice on basis of provided data, refuse a package or provoke alternates at the time of reservations. Please note our agents/consultants can attempt their best to supply you with the most effective obtainable rates. Also, we have a tendency to suggest you ought to perpetually check your flights/ vacation and package arrangements forty-eight hours to seventy-two hours previous departure/return just in case if there's any schedule revision (normally thanks to weather conditions) etc. Also, wherever there's associate degree earlier arrival, late arrival or any extra services are needed we'll follow up and pass your request to the provider. However, the provider will reserve the correct to just accept or decline special requests.

In cases wherever you're not glad about the services or normal of airline/hotel etc, our representative can assist you within the complain/claim method in and of itself complaints are to be directly launched with the supplier/hotel or airline and therefore the agency is simply a channel between the parties to supply low cost and reasonable negotiated rates for packages. If you or any member of your party, suffer death, illness, inconvenience or injury while overseas involving associate degree action or inconvenience caused by provider/airline/ building or different third parties, we have a tendency to shall at our discretion, provide recommendation, steerage and help to assist you in resolution any claim you'll have against a 3rd party, provided we have a tendency to are suggested of the incident at intervals ninety days of its incidence. we have a tendency to are solely responsible for our own internal services like creating flight/accommodation/ package reservation on your behalf at the best available/accepted rates, secure cared/payment charging, or acceptance, timely / once needed flight and accommodation reservation, causing vouchers/tickets and flight data to you or providing contact data (As available) of suppliers wherever there's a grievance or claim to be out from the suppliers directly. The external services, like normal of operations of any party or inconvenience caused by them, are to be directly claimed from the party but we have a tendency to guarantee our support, help, and guideline in such matters wherever needed. For your safety, we have a tendency to powerfully suggest Holiday/Traveler /Package manufacturers shop for complete insurance to hide for any medical or different undue/unpleasant expenses throughout a vacation.

Please check with "our liabilities" section for additional details on the topic.

Other Travel Arrangments

In addition to the conditions in "Part 1", these conditions apply specifically to those bookings classified as "Other Travel Arrangements" in accordance with the statement in "Your Holiday Contract".

1. If we change or cancelyour holiday

(Other holiday arrangements) In the unlikely event there are any changes made to other holiday arrangements, we will try to tell you before you go, although we are not obliged to do so, nor are we obliged to compensate you as the change factors are external and not in control or caused by our company. If your booking for other holiday arrangements are cancelled we will do our utmost in assisting you to claim refund where applicable and directly from the supplier / hotelier / airline etc (controlling body).

2. Our liability (other holiday arrangements)

Because we are acting as booking agent we have no liability for any of the travel arrangements, and in particular no liability for any illness, personal injury, death or loss of any kind. Please refer to "our liabilities" section for more details on the subject.

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